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Drone Agriculture

One of the uses for drone imagery that has already been rolled out with great success is for monitoring plant health. Drones equipped with special imaging equipment called Normalized Difference Vegetation Index use detailed color information to indicate plant health. This allows farmers to monitor crops as they grow.Many farmers already use satellite imagery to monitor crop growth, density, and coloration, but accessing satellite data is costly and not as effective in many cases as closer drone imaging.

Because drones fly close to fields, cloud cover and poor light conditions matter less than when using satellite imaging. This means that after planting, areas with stand gaps can be spotted and replanted as needed, and disease or pest problems can be detected and treated for right away.
At AeroDeploy, we offer agriculture services such as crop health surveys, precision agriculture, irrigation surveys, storm damage assessment, crop stand count and more.

Stand Counts

Providing farmers with estimated stand count reports.

Crop Health Survey

Aerial data to provide surveys on current crop conditions.

Irrigation Reports

Looking for any standing water or areas that are not receiving water.

Insect Damage

Drones can get close up without damaging crops and can provide detailed images and data to look for damage caused by insects.

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AeroDeploy is a professional drone service provider offering services for agriculture, telecommunication site surveys, drone thermal inspections, wind and energy inspections and more.

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